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On the left we have the lyrics from Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. On the right we rape survivors participating in Project Unbreakable, showing the various things that were said to them by their rapist.

From the Mouths of Rapist: The Lyrics to Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines

i think this is the most powerful photoset i’ve ever seen on tumblr.

Reblogging until you understand why this song is so vile

I will always fucking reblog this, this song is the epitome of rape culture. 

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Appearing on the front page of the Miami Daily Newson August 13th, 1954 was the first of a series of three articles aimed to inform the public about the “disease” of homosexuality.

The article begins: “This is an article about homosexuality, a subject which is generally forbidden in polite company and about which there is an abundance of ignorance and misinformation.”




Views from just off the A82 in northern Scotland

- Stephen Edwards


Ómar Runólfsson

The sky tonight, 2007

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"When I was a student at Cambridge I remember an anthropology professor holding up a picture of a bone with 28 incisions carved in it. “This is often considered to be man’s first attempt at a calendar” she explained. She paused as we dutifully wrote this down. ‘My question to you is this – what man needs to mark 28 days? I would suggest to you that this is woman’s first attempt at a calendar.’

It was a moment that changed my life. In that second I stopped to question almost everything I had been taught about the past. How often had I overlooked women’s contributions?"-Sandi Toksvig  (via natatouille, learninglog) (via whittletheworld) (via nadimnaaman) (via iwasbornhuman) (via mattheal) (via aviculae) (via thelingerieaddict) (via couhnida) (via drowningingravy) (via epically-scottish-big-b) (via theladynina) (via okellyjaneo) (via tom-sits-like-a-whore) (via layersofmysoul) (via bellecosby) (via basedceerex) (via ravenclaws-wit) (via bluedoctorwhom) (via tehhufflepuffcompanion) (via mildlyamused) (via frenchick-eh) (via jordaanstaal) (via equinegifs) (via alohamaura) (via kaeandlucy)


I’m going to be severely disappointed if my marriage doesn’t end up like either of these two.

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Marzena Skubatz - The Sea in Me (2013)

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(by Randy P. Martin)

Klaus Leidorf

(by Joe Nigel Coleman)

the fog of forest park (by manyfires)